Learn more about the know-how and values behind the Friendly Viking’s Oat Drinks.

Friendly Viking’s Oat Drinks are made by a Finnish family-owned company Juustoportti Ltd. Thanks to value-driven ownership, we have been able to cherish responsibility and friendliness for decades. For us, it’s a natural way to do things.

All Friendly Viking’s Oat Drinks are vegan and packed in Certified Carbon Neutral packaging. 100% of our electricity consumption is powered by wind, solar and water energy – we even have our own solar power plant! 90% of the thermal energy we use is renewable bioenergy.

We are constantly working to take good care of the well-being of humans, animals and the environment. We have been rewarded as a distinguished employer and we are the largest regional youth employer.

Over the past +50 years, Juustoportti has grown from a small dairy farm into a thriving, innovative business that produce and market a great deal of several times awarded quality products – from dairy processing and cheese craftmanship to gluten free oat drinks and more.